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By their very nature, apps strip people of the depth of first impressions. When you "meet" someone on an app, they're reduced to a narrow band of information—a few photos, their "stats" age, height, weight, ethnicity, relationship status, sexual preferences, etc. It's no surprise that gay dudes often complain that apps are too sexually-focused—which makes sense.

While some definitely use apps just to find friendship and establish ties to the queer community, when platforms reduce users to pictures and physical characteristics, it's natural that people will treat those platforms like a meat market.

And while gay bars have been said to feel like meat markets themselves the comparison is sometimes uncanny , gathering queers in a physical space fosters unexpected encounters, where people can't be filtered out by their stats. Plus, gay bars provide a place for the queer community to raise awareness of issues that might affect it, or to hold fundraisers and events for its causes and organizations. For some, the decline of the gay bar isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it provides new opportunities for connection in more diverse settings.

It's a sign of acceptance. I'm drawn to mixed venues, where revelers have access to a safe space and the prospects of an evening out hold more surprise.

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Jay says that gay dating apps have been central to his sexual life since he first came out of the closet. I took to online dating as a way of learning a little more about people before I would meet them.


So Many Gay Dudes Are Openly Racist On Dating Apps - VICE

I came to learn that expectations were counterproductive, and began to accept these apps for what they were—a meeting space where anything is possible. But for some gay men, apps haven't proven to the best place to build meaningful social networks or make friends.

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Mark Asbury, a year-old American PhD student who moved to Australia on a student visa without any queer friends in , says he's found it easier to kindle friendships on sites like Meetup , which can connect users with local LGBTQ groups. But he has established a group of gay friends through groups dedicated to queer meditation, gaming and non-sexual, all-gender nudist nights.

Are Gay Dating Apps Doing Enough to Respond to User Discrimination?

Over the years, Locke would turn to gay social and dating apps like Grindr to meet other queer guys. But those experiences made him think the queer community needed a new kind of app, telling me that the status quo seemed "outdated and disheartening. Locke isn't alone in his assessment. For some users of gay dating apps, a daily ritual can verge on addiction. And it only takes a quick scroll through these apps themselves to encounter guys who express dismay with them; statements like "deleting soon," "no hookups," and "no unsolicited nudes" are common in user profiles.

That dissatisfaction is reflected in Grindr's 2. Then there's rampant spambots and frequent glitches to contend with, which can sometimes make users' lives a living hell.

Dating Apps for Gay Men

By no means is this all exclusive to Grindr, but Grindr pioneered geolocation-based gay dating apps in the first place; as the first and one of the largest, it has had an outsized role in perpetuating the culture behind the apps. With a Tinder-esque swipe-left-or-right interface, it has garnered investment from dating app Bumble; what's different is that Chappy lets users toggle between categories called "Mr.

Right" and "Mr. Right Now," allowing users to more easily weed out guys whose preferences don't align with your own, whether one is looking for dating or sex or something in between. Chappy isn't the only app trying to distance itself from the stigma of so-called hookup culture. More established gay social platforms like Hornet and SCRUFF have recently charted a similar course, with a plethora of new features that spokespeople for both apps said are meant to introduce new ways to interact beyond hooking up.

On Hornet, new features include a Facebook-style activity feed, designed to shift the app away from a purely location-based cascade of profiles and more toward a traditional social network; SCRUFF has launched a Tinder-style swiping interface for relationship-minded folks and a gay events and traveling platform. Might that give dating apps themselves the power to change a culture of discrimination? In one view, this is a question of free speech, one with pronounced resonance in the wake of the US election as tech giants like Facebook and Google also grapple with their power to regulate all manner of content online.

In opaque terms, that means Grindr expects a high level of self-moderation from its community. According to Sloterdyk, Grindr employs a team of plus full-time moderators that he said has no tolerance for offensive content. Nearly every app asks users to report profiles that transgress its terms and conditions, though some are far more specific in defining the kinds of language it will not tolerate.

Such policies, however, still require users to moderate each other and report such transgressions. But dwelling solely on issues of speech regulation skirts the impact intentional design choices have on the way we behave on various platforms.

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Some have already taken these steps. Users must register with their Facebook account rather than merely an email address. Additionally, photos and profile content on Chappy goes through a vetting process that requires everyone show their faces.

'It's like another world.'

Apps such as Chappy, Bumble, and Tinder do not let users filter potential matches by the color of their skin. Other apps mentioned in this piece did not immediately respond to requests for the percentage of their users who filter by ethnicity. And Grindr did not articulate a direct answer.

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While not an exclusively queer platform, it aims to improve engagement for people of colour on dating sites by prioritizing racial preferences. Smith, the Lawrence University sociologist, acknowledged that there is some validity to this perspective. But when it comes down to what gay-focused apps should do, he said: But for most of the major gay apps, eliminating filters entirely could actually cut into a revenue stream.